Friday, December 14, 2007

Orioles Quick Hits; The Long & Dirty; Opinions From the Orioles' Media, Fans & Bloggers

The Baltimore Orioles have been rocked by the developments from the Mitchell Report and they were 19 former and current Orioles mentioned in it.

Today, in conjunction to the media articles and blogs I usually post to, I am going to specifically post to blogs, as they give a true reflection as to what fans really think and talk amongst themselves.

The only current members of the team in it are Brian Roberts and Jay Gibbons.

As we know, Miguel Tejada was traded on Wednesday to the Houston Astros and Gibbons has already admitted to drug use; however, there has been potential damage to the reputation of Roberts.

Although most of the name have been heard before in drug use allegations, it is still a shock to fans to see these names in print.

The Examiner's Sean Welsh in his article, "The Dirty Birds", asserts that the cloud of drug use over the organization is far worse than the impact of a decade of losing. Well, I cannot disagree with that assertion -- the fact the team might be dirty and that a drug culture existed within the organization hurts the esteem of fans more than anything.

While Curt Schilling is a member of the Boston Red Sox, I concur with his take:

Look, if you ordered HGH or steroids, in your name, and there is documentation to prove that you did, please do us all a favor and admit you made a mistake and move on. If you needed it for medical reasons then I am sure you can back that up through your physician if you choose to.
I’m past tired of hearing everything but “I screwed up” or “Ya I made a mistake, I apologize”.

This is a pretty damn forgiving country.

We are all about giving people second chances. The quicker anyone guilty is accountable the quicker we can all move on and hopefully make this thing go away, and fix what needs to be fixed.

The guys at Camden Chat are disheartened that Roberts is in the report..., and the Loss Column gives their take on the Mitchell Report, and Matt Perl of MASN believes Thursday might be the darkest day in baseball history.

Yes, I said I may not care, but in a way I do. Dave Trembley asserted, "it's a not a good day for baseball..."

Here's more from Oriole Central , Oriole Insider & the Wayward Oriole.

Meanwhile, the most prominent name in the report for the Orioles, Brian Roberts, was mentioned in the Mitchell Report. Here's what was said:

"When Bigbie and Segui used steroids in the house, Roberts did not participate," the report states. "According to Bigbie, however, in 2004 Roberts admitted to him that he had injected himself once or twice with steroids in 2003. Until this admission, Bigbie had never suspected Roberts of using steroids."

Now, there is not much here at all to imply that Roberts ever did performance enhancing drugs aside from the words of former Oriole, Larry Bigbie; however, because his name was mentioned in the Mitchell Report, for many, perception is reality and Roberts is clumped in the same category as everyone else.

Rick Mease of the Baltimore Sun has an article in the paper today titled, "On Scant Evidence, Roberts Tangled In Controversy", he looks how such little evidence and the word of one guy can alter a player's reputation. Right now, the court of public opinion will determine Robert's fate, but considering the history of the Orioles in the steroid dragnet, it may be easier said than done to see the second baseman's image restored to what it once was.

Peter Schmuck believes that the Mitchell Report will haunt baseball for years to come, and I agree with him. I'd also like to go further -- I think things will get far worse for now, as there will probably be hearings in Congress as a result of the report, and probably more names that will be released. Furthermore, you have several guys who may be eligible for the Hall of Fame, and the results of the Mitchell Report will hinge on it.

Roch Kubatko is his blog chats with former Orioles about the Mitchell Report and the impact of it.

Will the games go on, yes -- will the steroid issue go away, no.

Although the report is pretty damning, I expected a lot more than the rehash of names and facts I have seen before. Until tanigble solutions are drawn up, and baseball's steroid testing program becomes even more stringent and harsh, the Mitchell Report, no matter it's intentions would have generated little change.

Meanwhile, I have seen varying reactions of fans. Some are shocked; some don't car and want to move forward; some are melancholy, and there are some who swear never to watch baseball again.

The Baltimore Sun in an article, "Fan reaction: 'It's about time'", the paper gauges the reactions of fans and they cover all areas of the spectrum.

Well, are there other events that took place in Oriole Nation aside from the release of the Mitchell Report.

First, The Orioles offered arbitration to pitchers Erik Bedard and Daniel Cabrera on Wednesday night and elected not to tender offers to Corey Doyne and Roberto Novoa.

However, Novoa and Doyne were picked up a day later by the Orioles.

Second, Press Box's Craig Heist talked with Andy MacPhail about the winter meetings, and the COO of Orioles believes that the team was successful in spite of the moves (then again, Miguel Tejada was traded on Wednesday). Buck Martinez of MASN talks about the changes so far with the Orioles.

Third, well, we might as well go back to the negative. Amber Theoharis in her colum in Press Box titled, "Most Miserable Time of the Year" writes a sardonic poem and then goes into how miserable Oriole fans are, how the Ravens suck, and why X-mas in these parts are so bad. Amber, you're preaching to the choir...

Allen McCallum belives that O's fans deserve more under the tree. Um, we know that, we have had the same wish for years and ending up with a lump of coal. Yet, another preaching to the choir...

Fourth, Jim Henneman believes that the Orioles should trade Erik Bedard if the price is right...

Finally, in a rare moment of a positive development, Oriole Magic's Heather Irvin looks at some of the other key prospects in the organization.

For those of you all that are still not sickened by the Baltimore Orioles yet, Join the Hot Stove Baseball baseball returns on MASN and WHFS Radio (105.7) as Jim Hunter and Roch Kubatko discuss the team. I assume a lot will be discussed this week. As well, Hunter gets in a few words with Melvin Mora and Jays pitcher, A.J. Burnett.

This might have been the longest entry I have spent time on, and after this, I might want to watch a couple episodes of the Brady Bunch to feel better about myself.

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Maryland Conservatarian said...

more dis-heartening than the losing and the drug cheats is the fact that even with the drug cheating, the O's still sucked - how bad would they have been without the drugs?

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Yeah, I agree - sigh. Thanks MC

Damir said...

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