Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Orioles' Second Baseman Brian Roberts On the Anita Marks Show on ESPN 1300

Orioles’ second baseman appeared on the Anita Marks Show on Tuesday afternoon and he co-hosted it with the host, Anita Marks for about two hours. In town doing some community service and public relations events, he chatted about a myriad of topics; mostly centered on baseball and the Baltimore Orioles’ roster, but took time to delve into other topics.

Thanks to the magic of TiVo, computer equipment, and a digital recorder, I was able record the show while sleeping and then transfer it into a sound file before I left for work.

I just got done listening to it, and here’s a brief wrap-up of what was discussed.

  • Talked about his community work, the events of the Holiday Party and the Orioles helping area families, and taking them on a shopping spree.
  • Talked about his height, and being a smaller guy in baseball; however, size does not matter --- heart does.
  • Anita asked if he’s been in touch with some of the players since the season has concluded, he said yes.
  • Talked about the job MacPhail is doing, and the reality of being traded, along with rebuilding.
  • Anita asked about the Cubs trade rumor, Brian gives his story about how he heard it (he was on the golf course)…
  • Mentioned that he will be sad if he leaves Baltimore, but as an athlete, the goal is to win a championship and be on a winning team.
  • Roberts was disheartened that he, Bedard, Miggy, and Mora could not help the team improve in this time in the organization.
  • Feels conflicted about the upcoming changes, rumors – does not want to be focal point of the rebuilding process, but also wants to be part of if he’s still an Oriole.
  • A caller asks are the Orioles close and Roberts asserted, “we’re not that far away”, as the pitching looked pretty good, but got killed because of injuries. However, he also added the same crop of guys are not helping to win, and perhaps a change should be in order.
  • A caller remarks, Brian should take the “next train out of town to Chicago”…
  • Feels Tejada should not be getting as much criticism as he’s gotten.
  • Roberts said the lack of a power bat killed the Orioles and put them at a disadvantage.
  • Has confidence that the young players could help the team win.
  • Gave his advice on the minor leagues vs. the majors --- it’s the same game, but faster at the major league levels.
  • Anita, Brian and a personality from Atlanta go into the Michael Vick case; however, although it had nothing to do with baseball or the Orioles, it was very interesting and quite a lively discussion far different from the mostly light heartedly fare with Brian in the show. He says very little in this segment.
  • Towards the end, Anita asks Brian assuming he gets traded his thoughts on Baltimore. Although he was not overly emotional, he was melancholy when the prospect of him being traded came up, and while he’ll relish the chance to go to a contender, he truly sounded conflicted about a move. I can believe he was letting us know his true feelings.
  • There is NO MENTION of the Mitchell Report, the issue with Gibbons, or anything bordering on controversial.

Roberts was especially candid on Tuesday, and you sort of can tell his disappointed in the way the events have turned out so far in Baltimore, but also has a perspective of baseball and the business of it.

Although I would liked to have seen or heard some insight from Roberts into some of the other issues in baseball such as the Mitchell Report, drugs, etc.,

Anita did a great job on the show and Brian came off very professional, and someone who you could really like and root for.

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