Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Quick Hits: The Orioles' Rundown...

Not much is going on in Oriole or in baseball as we are in the Holiday Season. I have been taking a break from extended blogging because I have been busy with family and also with some other stuff.

Oriole Magic's Heather Irvin takes a look at the off-season so far with the Baltimore Orioles, and boy has it been an infamous one.

As well, the podcast I do with James Baker, Beltway Baseball had it's return on Saturday.

Press Box Online's Stan Charles takes about the offseason so far with the Orioles as does Craig Heist; Amber Theoharis believes that Orioles need to move forward by stripping the team down and starting from scratch, & Phil Jackman has a nice story on former Oriole ace Mike Cuellar.

The site has a fluff Q&A with Dave Trembley.

ESPN's Jayson Stark takes a shot at the Orioles via Melvin Mora and the infamous, along with pathetic, 30-3 game.

This all happened, in real life, in the Rangers' 30-3 win over the Orioles on Aug. 22:
The Orioles' bullpen gave up 24 earned runs. How hard is that? The Red Sox bullpen gave up 18 earned runs in the entire month of July.

The Rangers' No. 3 hitter, Michael Young, drove in none of those 30 runs. But their eighth and ninth hitters, Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Ramon Vazquez, knocked in seven apiece.

The Rangers hadn't scored 30 runs in a series in their past 54 series. Then they scored 30 in one game.

The Rangers hadn't scored 16 runs in any of their previous 372 games. But they rang up 16 just in the last two innings.

And somehow, some way, the Rangers scored 30 runs in a game in which they had more innings in which they didn't score (five) than innings in which they did (four). And that, like every other item in this column, has been certified as 100 percent genuine, factual and true.


Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain Dept.: Melvin Mora managed to get ejected during a rain delay of a June 28 Yankees-Orioles game. So what got him booted? He was arguing that the umpires should have started the delay while the Orioles were leading, instead of waiting until the Yankees took the lead. Another great moment in Bird Land.

Nice. Just pour more salt on the wound, eh? But then again, this all no doubt actually happened, so how we can argue with that?

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