Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Awards' Ceremony Season: Oriole Awards

Well, every entertainment industry has their award season and while most of them are completely not revelant to me, it's fun to watch from afar when other stars and rich people, well, honor other stars and rich people.

Being that's it's Holiday week and 2007 is coming to a close, what more perfect time than ever would be it to start up a completely meaningless awards show, only this time on my blog.

I'll be doing this until the 31st, in order to get the creative juices flowing, save my sanity from being bored, plus get some eyes on the blog, and comments going. I will not only include the Orioles, but all of baseball, perhaps a few things from other sports, and also maybe from the general culture at large.

That being said, let's get started...


Favorite Oriole: Considering all the drama the team has been involved in this season, as well as the off-season with steroids, rumors, bad behavior, stupid behavior and wishing for the good 'ol days, this fellow deserves this award from resurrecting his career from the dead and becoming not only a breakout pitcher in 2007, but also a fine character in the community.

Congratulations, Jeremy Guthrie.


Most Valuable Oriole: This is not even a contest - Nick Markakis. If he had not been a Baltimore Oriole, he assuredly would have been a contender for the Gold Glove.



Least Valuable Oriole: I had no idea where to begin with this one, as there were so many contenders for this award. Do I pick the guy who lost 18 games, a guy who got hot when 2/3 of the season was over, a guy who plain didn't want to be here, one who decided to become a Red Sox cheerleader, or the guy who forgot how to hit and then got himself in trouble with drugs?

The winner: Jay Gibbons. He's a nice guy, but when it comes down to a lack of production and just plain badness, he takes the cake. Then again, if he were hitting .300 with 25+ homers, and still had the drug issue, he would not be on this list.



Best Moment of the Year: Cal Ripken being inducted into the National Hall of Fame.



Worst Moment of the Year: The God awful, 30-3 game. As much as the team tries to deny it, I don't think they ever recovered from that game and the wheels certainly did fall off after that.



Honoring "Wild Bill" Hagy, as he lived out a dream that every fan wishes for -- he became part of the game and part of the culture of the Baltimore Orioles.



Best Orioles Website: Orioles Hangout; Best Orioles Blog (well, since I cannot include sites I work on): Camden Chat

Tomorrow, I'll give out general awards for Major League Baseball...

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