Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Burning the Midnight Oil: Orioles Quick Hits, Roberts, The Rundown

It's been a bad week for sports in the area, as MASN blogger Matthew Perl ever so illustrates; therefore, I and a lot of fans in the area just pretty much want forget about 2007 and move onto to bigger and better things in 2008.

Well, the Baltimore Orioles have pretty much accepted Brain Roberts' apology and want to move on from this whole sordid affair. Meanwhile, U.S. Rep. Elijah E. Cummings wants Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts to become an anti-steroid advocate & join "Powered by ME!," a Baltimore-based awareness campaign that instructs youth about the dangers of illegal performance-enhancing drugs. I don't know if it's Roberts place to stand up against drug use or if he even wants to participate, as he should be focusing on baseball; however, it could only help in the cause of eradicating it from sports and obviously it makes for good PR.

Read what Roch has to say about the proposal by Rep. Cummings and how it pertains to Brian Roberts.

I, at this point really don't care anymore; however, it seems that a lot of fans are ready for forgive and forget with Brian because of his work in the community, and his play on the field.

I caught the Anita Marks Show on Tuesday where he explained himself and gave his mea culpa -- fine; however, I am not so sure I bought his excuse or any I have heard as of late. However, I will give Brian credit for coming out in the open and admitting what he did was wrong -- something a lot more athletes should do. He handled himself well, and I appreciate his candor on the issue. I do wish Anita would have asked some deeper questions about the issue, but she did her best to make him comfortable and Roberts was able to illustrate his points in front a friendly audience. Anyhow, let's move from it...


I have been real busy with work this week, but I'll give you all more thoughts this weekend or when I get more than five minutes to myself.

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