Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Baltimore Orioles Andy MacPhail Sees The Big Picture...

Since I am up super early this morning, I decided to get on the news early and caught this from

Well, it made me more convinced that the team will be torn down in some fashion, and Andy MacPhail has realized what most hardcore followers of the team have known for a while.

Orioles GM Andy MacPhail convinced hard-to-please owner Peter Angelos the team could not be competitive before 2010. That is why in discussions for ace Erik Bedard, the Orioles are looking for players with limited major league service time to build toward 2010. The Mets are trying hard to get in on Bedard, but don't appear to have the right match. Angelos has told MacPhail not to trade Bedard within the AL East. So the Yanks are out. The Dodgers are viewed as the favorites because they have appetizing resources such as Jonathan Broxton, Andy LaRoche, Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw.
Hallelujah! Now it's time to put the talk to action.

It may upset a few fans, but the Orioles need to do something to change the tide.

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Before I go, the blog, Scott Van Pelt Style advocate the Orioles go after Johan Santana. While there's no chance of that happening just because of logic; however, if MacPhail and company even attempted to go after him with a serious offer, he would have credibility with me for life.

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