Friday, January 26, 2007

Fanfest Update - ok, there is no update...

Fanfest news - um, there's none to report for now. I called the Orioles a little while ago and I was more or less told, "just keeping checking out the website and an announcement should be made shortly..."

Why there was no a plan B in case of snow, etc. - I have no clue.

From the Examiner:

“It will be held before the season,” Orioles manager of communications Monica Pence said Wednesday. “It probably will not be a traditional FanFest-style event, but it will feature many of the FanFest activities.”

Here's some insight from Matt Palmer who wrote the article I got the quote from. I would think it might be something done right before Spring Training, or before the season done maybe in a another location that could hold a number of people or the club level of Oriole Park.


jamie said...

I really feel like we are getting the shaft on this one. I have called no less than 4 times and have been told every time that an announcement should be made within a week or so. They really should have had a back up plan. I know it's hard to get players to commit to coming into town during the offseason and maybe that's part of why the Orioles fan base is dwindling. When players aren't willing to be involved in the community, fans forget about them during the cold winter months. From the last day of baseball season in our house we all can't wait for fan fest, for the unofficial start to baseball. Heck, February 15th is practically a holiday at our house, the day pitchers and catchers traditionally start Spring Training.

Sorry this is so long winded, but as much as our birds need our help and support, I am beginning to wonder if they even care deep down. From the ownership to players and coaches- do they really care about fan fest and the fans? Do they want to be a part of our community that loves baseball and everything the Oriole way once stood for? Or, do they want to make there money, cash their paychecks, and get out of town?

This is my first real post, usually post as anon.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

J - Thanks for the comment. I just think they (the O's) are in flux and making plans to get the event in before April.

The team must be overwhelmed with calls & complaints, but it is tragic that they took something that fans look forward to and made a mess of it.

Yes, I agree there should have been a backup plan, just for the wacky weather we have here during winters.

Jamie, thanks for the post and I agree with you 100%.

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