Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Jackie Robinson's Birthday...

Today is Jackie Robinson’s birthday, and he’d be 88 if he were alive. He helped not only sports integrate with his courage and willingness to play in such a turbulent time, but in all society as well. The world was not made perfect, but better with Jackie in the game of baseball.

He was a part of 6 World Series teams, and won the Rookie of the Year, and an MVP Award. However, it’s his greater impact that matters.

Even though he wanted to fight at the ugliness on the field and around him, he didn’t knowing that he’d hold back progress. In the end, if it was not for Jackie Robinson, we may not have not seen Satchel Paige, Larry Doby, Frank Robinson, Hank Aaron or the other African-American players suit up and play ball for a while after 1947, if not even longer.

He was a fine athlete, but even a finer human being and it’s a shame he had gone so early.

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Michael said...

Happy birthday to Jackie Robinson. A miracle man I would call him. I really enjoyed watching his games.
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