Saturday, January 27, 2007

Quick Hits: Today, Helton & Weaver

Sorry for the delay in the updates, I was out most of Saturday throughout the day and later in the evening. I’ll try to have a Phillies team review by Monday. This upcoming week, I’ll do the Chicago White Sox, Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs and the San Francisco Giants.

Helton in Fenway? The Denver Post reports Rockie mainstay Todd Helton may be leaving the Rocky Mountains and heading to Boston. Helton has another *6* years and $90 million on his current contract with Colorado, but would waive it to go to the Red Sox.

Todd Helton has always been a good hitter, but his numbers are in decline, as he hit .302 last year, his lowest batting average since his rookie and his power has been zapped. However, Boston’s deep coffers can to subsidize this deal and his presence would make a great team on paper immaculate and possibly be better than the Yankees.

In addition, with the short distance to the right field wall and the American League being so offensive based, his numbers might rise.

Right now, Colorado may simply seek out Boston’s young guns like Craig Hansen, other prospects, or someone like a Mike Lowell.

In turn, the Rockies will most likely get pitching, but does ridding of Helton make them any better?

Weaver a Mariner. World Series hero Jeff Weaver & the Mariners have just about finalized a one-year deal worth $8,325,000 (the same salary he had last year). Like I said in a previous post, ‘buyer beware’ with his track record, as three postseason games do not make a career. Keep in mind, he got deposed from the Angels in '06 partly because of being so bad and in favor o his brother, Jered.


Mike Edelman said...

Helton could be an exciting addition. If the Red Sox could somehow keep Hansen in the deal it would be a steal. It would lower their payroll and improve their team.

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