Monday, October 29, 2007

Alex Rodriguez Opts Out of Deal With the Yankees...

Some people are just attention hogs to begin with.

Last night, Alex Rodriguez and Scott Boras took that statement to a new level and picked a conspicuous time for their big announcement.

Smack in the middle of Game 4 of the World Series, Boras ended months of speculation and said A-Rod is opting out of the final three seasons of his contract with the New York Yankees.

Oh, and Boras let the Yankees know by leaving a voice mail for general manager Brian Cashman.

"Kind of strange timing," Red Sox president Larry Lucchino said after Boston completed its sweep of Colorado.

Red Sox fans sure took notice fast. After their team won the title for the second time in four seasons, they stood behind the visitors' dugout at Coors Field and chanted: "Don't sign A-Rod!"

In a decision that likely ends four tumultuous and unfulfilling seasons with the Yankees, Rodriguez forfeited $72 million he was owed over the final three seasons of his record $252 million, 10-year deal, which he signed with Texas before the 2001 season. The Yankees lose $21.3 million in remaining payments from the Rangers, a subsidy agreed to at the time of his 2004 trade.

Sorry, if I am any team that has the funds to sign this guy, I'd think long and very, very hard before doing so. This man wants the attention and the clubhouse to himself -- is he worth it? He's damn good, but is he worth the trouble?

To Red Sox Nation, if you sign this guy, you all can definitively say now that you are the Yankees.

I would not blame New York for not jumping after him (assuming they stick to their guns), the move reeked of selfishness. There are not too many times I'd agree with the Steinbrenners, but on this one, I do. The Yankees did not win a World Series with him, they can sure win one without him.


Jason McAdams said...

Hard to believe, but it was always a possibility. What a way to announce the decision as well, during the World Series. Unreal.

As a Yankee, I agree with management...GET LOST!

George said...

Hmmmm, I wonder who will get him now that he is definitely out of the Yankees. I found a betting line that has the Cubs as the most likely team to get him but with the Cubs' unknown ownership situation might make it tough to offer A-Rod the big bucks without knowing who will sign the checks.
I say San Francisco gets him, the Giants need a replacement for Barry Bonds to fill the seats, and wouldn't it be ironic for Rodriguez's chase of Bonds' career home run mark to take place in San Francisco?

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