Saturday, October 6, 2007

Random Thoughts and Quick Hits: The Orioles...

Well, good afternoon everyone! It’s unseasonably warm out and baseball is still in the air in light of the Orioles being out of the hunt.

As this week is near a conclusion, it is no surprise to anyone that the team is heading into a new day with the departures of Tom Treblehorn and Jim Duquette.

A lot should happen in the next few months, and the course of the team’s future depends on the moves of Andy MacPhail, and if Peter Angelos can somehow change his legacy of a meddling owner to a winning one.

In an article on Press Box Online, Craig Heist states the obvious – the Orioles need a new direction. As Trembley and MacPhail move forward, Craig comes up with ideas and states facts we all know with quotes from the staff and officials. He also names Nick Markakis team MVP and gets thoughts from a few players.

Stan “the Fan” Charles laments on the end of the season, and succinctly writes what happened this season and the changes that will seemingly by on the way. Allen McCallum wants the team to be “blown up” and the organization’s goals need to be redefined.


Meanwhile, Russ Smith thinks the team should sign – get ready for this, Barry Bonds. Honestly, this is not the first I have heard of this, as a few fans have chatted about it; however, most are strongly against it.

Imagine Bonds in the clubhouse. Would he mesh with everyone, or set himself apart? In terms of dealing with the press, will he be ornery jerk, or try to open up and be amenable?

As much as it might be an interesting proposition, I will have disagree with you as the last thing the Orioles need is more talk about PED's, drugs, and furthermore having a circus like atmosphere for parts of the season (which would possibly get worse if anything develops with BALCO and if he gets close to 3,000 hits).

Bonds still has a great eye, as his OBP indicates, and with his playing time, he still would have had more home runs than any Oriole in ‘07; however, he's more trouble than what it's worth.


Mark Suchy of WNST ponders about changes to the Orioles, and the Loss Column ponders about Jim Duquette’s resignation – how Flanagan is still employed, I have no idea. Nepotism is dangerous; thus, that is why Flanagan has not been shown the door.

He’s sort of like the Smithers to Burns (Angelos).

There’s more commentary from Oriole Central & the insightful boys at Camden Chat, and the Roar from 34 looks back at a season gone wrong, and Rob from Random Reality thoughts lets us know about the team’s problems.

Demspey’s Army looks back at 2007, and the Wayward Orioles looks back at the 2007 roster.

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