Monday, October 1, 2007

The Mets' Collapse & Playoff Thoughts; An Ode to all the Teams In the Post-Season


Mets' fans, I don't know what to say, except I'm sorry. I covered the Nationals this season, and know they had a huge part in the chain of events that led New York in losing the NL East lead.

However, I still don't know what in words to say.


I give a lot of props to the Phillies for coming back, and fighting their way to the NL East title.


To the Red Sox team and Nation, congrats on taking the AL East from the Yankees. A job well done. For the love of God, I hope you make into the ALDS and then face New York because, I WILL be purchasing ALDS tickets, thanks to the online ticket opportunity and I need you two to make it so I live happy without my Orioles.

Picture 159

Yankees fans, I think some of you all are boorish, arrogant and a**holes, but overall I must your team props from coming back from oblivion. Torre did a masterful job rallying the troops, and by Brian Cashman doing nothing and keeping the kids in the organization, things changed. A-Rod had a year to remember, Jeter was Jeter, and Posada deserves every chant of hip-hop-Jorge for his work this season. I still don't get the Joba Rules, but Chamberlain seems cool and very likable.


The Rockies, please beat San Diego. You all would the story of the year, by far and I so love rooting for the underdog.


To the Padres, good luck to you all. Too bad about Milton.


To the Diamondbacks, I have no idea how the hell you won the West, but good job. Eric Byrnes reminds me of the frat boy who won't shut up & shows off for no good reason; however, he should have been given another chance in Baltimore.


To the Los Angeles, California, Orange County Angels of Anaheim and Disney World, you all have a scrappy team and Vladmir has the most outrageous swing I have ever seen. Good to see Garrett being the man again and I think you all are the dark horse in the AL Chase for the World Series.


Last, but not least -- Cleveland. You all have some great players, and a local radio talk show host is so in love with Grady here. I love Pronk and C.C., plus it is awesome that Fausto Carmona came from his troubles last year. I hope you all make the World Series.

*all pictures taken by yours truly...


Anonymous said...

as a red sox fan...i wanted to thank the orioles for beating the yankees. and helping us win the division. my heart goes out to your fans. i hope someday to see baltimore back to its old self again....

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

No problem, and thanks for the well wishes

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