Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Wit and Prose of Roger Clemens: Bug-Gate and Joba...

Roger Clemens, the biggest mercenary in sports, decided today to opine on the Yankee loss and more importantly, the bug invasion that Joba Chamberlain had to endure.

He says this:

"If Roger Clemens had been making the call, the New York Yankees really would have bugged out.

Clemens viewed Friday night's insect invasion at Cleveland's Jacobs Field from both the dugout and a television in the clubhouse, and he concluded it was too distracting an environment to pitch in.

"I would have probably pulled us off the field," Clemens said Saturday at Yankee Stadium.


"I think it's hard enough for our young kids to go out there and concentrate in that situation to have something like that happen," said Clemens, the Yankees' Game 3 starter for Sunday.

Asked whether he would have pulled the team off the field had he been an umpire or the manager, Clemens didn't give a direct answer and then said his earlier response benefited from hindsight.

"It's easy to say now because it only lasted about 40 minutes," Clemens said.

Dude, you make roughly $1 million plus per start, and age has obviously caught with you. You are a professional athlete; thus, you and your peers should be able to endure any conditions, including little critters.

Sure, they might have cost you all the pennant; however, the Bombers have forgotten how to hit. Um, that's the problem -- isn't it?

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