Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Oriole Fans Are Very Pissed at Kevin Millar

Well, on the blogosphere, the internet and on talk radio, the whole issue of Kevin Millar taking part in the ALCS for the Red Sox seemed to be a bit much to swallow for the vast majority of Baltimore Orioles fans. I can see why fans are upset, but honestly, I think the Orioles have far more to worry about than a player acting as a quasi-cheerleader for another team.

It's gotten so ugly that fans are demanding Millar get released and also are taking shots at Orioles Chief Operating Officer, Andy MacPhail for approving Millar's participation in the ALCS.

Personally, I think it's not a big deal -- we are talking about a guy who has been average with the Orioles for the past several seasons; however, the way I have seen people react, it would be akin to Cal Ripken deciding to sever ties with the Orioles.

(Click here for a previous post with a few videos with Millar at Fenway Park...)

When it is all said and done, his legacy (if he has one), will be with part of the Red Sox, and Baltimore would serve as a stop in the final legs of his career.

I know we would like to think athletes care as much for the team they play for as we ardently do; alas, some do, but the majority don't. A lot of the players look at sports as a business, and I am not saying Millar does or does not; however, at face value, most athletes do not swear loyalty to a region, unless they have truly fallen in love with the area or have roots there.

I guess this incident says a lot about us as sports fans, as rather than about athletes.

Maybe I don't care as much because for me, sports are more or less a diversion or entertainment rather than something vital in my life.


Jeff Zrebiec in today's Baltimore Sun
reports on the whole incident and gets a few words from Millar, fans, and team officials. Really, again, I don't think is as big of a deal as it should be, but it shows that fans care. I right now don't feel too bad for Millar, but I'm sure he's very shocked at the reaction his activities up in Boston are causing in this part of the world.

David Steele thinks the fans should not be upset at Millar, an Baltimore Examiner sports blog, Tony's Timeout gives their take on the situation.

Meanwhile, Roch Kubatko reports in his blog
that Oriole manager Dave Trembley has given a "no comment" to the situation -- interesting. Either Dave is very pissed at the news and at Millar, decided it was useless commenting, or was told not to.

Sean Welsh of the Examiner gives us more insight in to incident, how it came about, and insight from Kevin Millar.

Glenn Clark and Mark Suchy from the WNST blogs are insulted that Millar acted as a quasi-cheerleader for the Red Sox.


Well, it looks like B.J. Surhoff is not going to be part of the Orioles' coaching staff, as according to the Baltimore Sun: "The Orioles offered a coaching position to B.J. Surhoff, but the former player declined, saying he isn't able to commit fully at this point. Surhoff might still work with the club during spring training."


Anonymous said...

The internet and massage boards are powerful. Folks who had no problems with it now think they must not be good fans if they do not follow the crowds & get on board the Whiner Express.

But I will not change my feelings, there is nothing wrong with postseason involvement

When Davey Roberts throws out the 1st pitch at Game 1 Wed nite, and Padres fans say nothing, it will make Orioles fans look petty and whiny.

Empty seats at Camden speak loudly about fan loyalty. Loyalty means suffering through years and years of lousy seasons hoping someday there'll be a winning team.

Watching every game, commiserating, that is loyalty. Fans who ditch a team in August to wish for football, not loyal.

Anonymous said...

as i recall millar took it to the redsox at camden yards this year. lighten up...millar even said he had guys on both teams that he played with and he thought it was pretty strange too...millar is not cal ripken jr or jim palmer..

Anonymous said...

You are so milk toast on every single issue. Never do you state a sincere and honest opinion. Everything is always just OK. So, why are you wasting your time and every one else if you never take a definitive position. Give Me A Break. Millar doing this is disrepectful to his current franchise to which he is employed. If you can't see that--you never will understand the real world.

A total waste of time reading your crap.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Anon 3 - I still really do not find this all big enough deal where I will go to Camden Yards with a torch and pitchfork or get overly upset about this.

He is just a guy who is playing his last days out in Baltimore, so I'm not join the brigade.

I very much understand the real world; thus, I am not going to get my panties in a bunch over this guy. He loves the Red Sox, and obviously has affinity for them, but not Baltimore.

Sorry if you disagree with me, but I'm going to be fan whether Millar acts like a jackass or not.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Anon 2 - I just care if Millar plays well on the field, not so much about his off-the-field activities. I'm not going to emotional because he wants to be a cheerleader for the Red Sox in the offseason. Honestly, it is up to Millar to face the fans if he wants...

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Anon 1 - Thanks for the note. I think that fans have every right to spend their emotional and financial investment in whatever they see fit.

The Orioles have failed in appeasing the fans, thus, the attendance.

Again, I don't think of Millar as so much a big issue - I care about what happens in '08.

Anonymous said...

Millar is an ass.

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