Monday, October 22, 2007

Colorado Rockies Fans Are Screwed For Now...


"Rocktober" may have come to a halt in Denver at the moment. For those waiting for tickets and the opportunity to snatch them online, eh, you're screwed for now.

From the Washington Post:

DENVER -- The Colorado Rockies suspended World Series ticket sales Monday after overwhelming demand crashed their computer system.

"Right now we're shutting the system down," club spokesman Jay Alves announced outside Coors Field, drawing boos from fans. "We expect to be online at some point."

"We're as frustrated and disappointed as they are," Alves said.

Alves had said last week that the Rockies were prepared for any computer problems.

On Monday, there were 8.5 million attempts to connect with the computers in the first 90 minutes after sales started, he said, and only several hundred tickets had been sold before the system had to be shut down.

The Rockies put as many as 60,000 tickets up for sale online only, and team officials said their computers were ready to handle the expected crush. But two hours after tickets went on sale, many fans reported they could not get access to the ticket-sales Web site.

Officials with the Rockies and Major League Baseball did not immediately return calls.

KCNC-TV in Denver reported that the company that runs the ticket-sales computers, Paciolan, Inc. had an unspecified problem. Paciolan officials did not immediately return a call to The Associated Press.

About 20 people lined up in near-freezing temperatures outside the Denver Public Library before it opened in hopes of using public-access computers to score tickets.

"If you can't get tickets here, you're going to have to pay $200, $300 above face value," said Clayton McLeod, a 26-year-old heavy-machine operator who took the day off to try to get seats.

Yikes. That sucks! Let's hope for the sake of the fans out there, the ticketing system comes back online and well-meaning fans (note: NOT SCALPERS) get a chance to see their team live out a dream...


Ian said...

I'm partly to blame as I was one of the 8.5 million people online trying to purchase tickets.

Maybe the computer didn't like having a member of Red Sox Nation trying to buy tickets.

Rocktober said...

I tried but got nothing! Time for Plan B. Rock on!

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Hehe, Ian.

Rocktober, what is plan B? Buying from a broker, etc? I have no idea how the system is going to work unless they get a better server or work out something...

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