Thursday, October 18, 2007

Playoff Reflections, Day Seventeen; Are the Red Sox Done, Rockotber Comes To A Halt For Now…

Could it be curtains for the Red Sox tonight, as they face the Indians in game five of the American League Championship Series?

Well, Boston ace Josh Beckett faces the large, and in charge, C.C. Sabathia tonight at Jacobs Field in Cleveland.

Now, I predicted the Red Sox to takes the series; however, my prediction is not coming to fruition. The Sox have been battling with lack of clutch hitting, poor starting pitching (aside from Beckett) and a bullpen that was gone through the ringer.

According to some reports now, Josh Beckett is battling back issues, but should be able to make the start. Meanwhile, C.C. Sabathia has been ineffective, as he now has an ERA over 10 in the playoffs.

What will happen? We shall see? I think Boston may win tonight, but it is uncertain if they can take the series.

If Boston makes it to a game six or even seven, will they be able to rely on Curt Schilling and Daisuke Matsuzaka? Can Dustin Pedroia, Kevin Youlikis, and the bottom of the order deliver? On the other hand, Cleveland is doing everything right and looks primed to take the series.

We shall see.


Well, on the NL side, will the layoff affect the Colorado Rockies? Right now, the Rockies still have an additional week to keep their focus and ready for the World Series.

From what has been said, it looks like they will stay in Denver and hold their workouts there. However, you've got think how the layoff will come into play considering their amazing hot streak.

Personally, I think it may not have the much of affect, but it is a concern when a team with a much momentum as the Rockies have to take time off. If you remember, in 2006, the Tigers had about a week off in between the NLCS and World Series; however, they just looked awful (especially, the pitchers) and that could have played a big role in their loss to the St. Louis Cardinals.

Stay tuned.

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