Monday, October 29, 2007

Joe Girardi To Be Named Manager of the Yankees...

Joe Girardi

It looks like the Yankees will name Joe Girardi the manager of the Yankees rather than the favored Don Mattingly. It may cause many to wonder what will happen to Mattingly, as it seems he will lose his dream job.

From the New York Daily News: The Yankees will reportedly offer Joe Girardi the manager's job vacated by Joe Torre. An official announcement is expected as early as Monday afternoon.

Club sources have insisted throughout the process that it has been a close call among Girardi, Don Mattingly and Tony Pena, but the deciding factors seem to have been the former Yankee catcher's analytical approach, experience with handling a pitching staff and the job the 43-year-old Girardi did managing the Florida Marlins in 2006.

Mattingly, while one of the most popular Yankees of all-time inside and outside the locker room, is a favorite of George Steinbrenner, but lacked the experience Cashman preferred.

"As much as Cash likes and respects Donnie, you have to wonder if he would trust his own future with a guy with no track record," a Yankees insider told the News Sunday.

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