Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Red Sox Are the Yankees...

As I am awake right now very early Sunday morning, I am just getting over the Red Sox & Indians will play for all the marbles later on tonight after the Tribe blew a 3-1 commanding lead.

I know the Red Sox are seen amongst many to be a warm, cuddly, fun team to watch - which I agree with. However, they are the like the Yankees: a huge financial super-power loaded with super-stars, a park which prints money, and with fanbase which will pay anything to see their team. I'll say, I rooted for the Sox in 2004, because they had a great storyline, great and charismatic players, along with having the distinction of not having won a World Series in a number of generations.

Then they won it in 2004, and expectations along with the team itself have never been the same. The fans are more rabid than ever, and NESN has helped to transcend the Red Sox from a team to a brand; um, much like the Yankees.

I have nothing against the Red Sox, but I will not be rooting for them in '07.

Yes, they have bankable superstars; however, it is remarkable that a city with perhaps no more than 600,000 people has been able to become one of the biggest sports teams in all the land. They spend and sign players to contracts much like the Evil Empire. I'm not going to call Boston the Evil Empire II, but they are not the same warm and cuddly team from 2004.

Anyone disagree with me? The floor is yours...

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1 comment:

ETVal said...

The Red Sox might be the Yankees in some ways, but them winning another World Series is a Yankee fan's worst nightmare.

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