Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Scoreboard at Oriole Park at Camden Yards...

Well, for a change, I might as well talk about the Baltimore Orioles. This week, a few incidents have happened such as Leo Mazzone getting canned and Terry Crowley being re-hired as the hitting coach; however, there's some good news for fans.

Yes, the old-out-of-date and ancient scoreboard on Eutaw Street is now being replaced.

According to the Baltimore Sun's report by Childs Walker:

The Orioles and the Maryland Stadium Authority have reached a tentative agreement to avoid arbitration and spend $9 million to replace the video display and audio systems at Camden Yards.

Under the agreement, which won't become official unless the Board of Public Works approves it Wednesday, the stadium authority would contribute $3.75 million to pay for an expanded, high-definition screen and scoreboard. The authority would also drop disputed claims for $1.5 million in past rent owed by the Orioles, according to a 23-page settlement document obtained by The Sun. The Orioles announced the tentative settlement agreement today in a news release.

The Orioles would allow the authority to pay for the rest of the new video display using $5.25 million from a $10 million fund reserved for ballpark improvements. The team had previously said the stadium authority should not dip into the fund -- awarded to the Orioles by an arbitrator in 2001 after a previous dispute with the authority -- to pay for the screen.

This was a move that had to be made.

A scoreboard, as silly as it may seem is a small, but vital part of the ballpark experience, and it's sad to say that Oriole Park's screen doesn't compare to what you'd find in Philadelphia, San Francisco or Cleveland.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards is one of the best facilities in sport, and the scoreboard upgrade is not only good for fans, but for also raising the profile of the crown jewel of a stadium we have here.

It's good to see that the Orioles and the Maryland Stadium Authority have come to an agreement.

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