Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The World Series Is Upon Us...

The World Series is upon us, and in a little less than 9 or so hours, the games will begin.

We all know the Boston Red Sox will be taking on the Colorado Rockies, and the consensus seems to be that the Red Sox will take the series and Colorado's amazing win streak will come to an end. By now, we know all the characters, and it will be a test for Colorado, with their young team and inexperience, contrasted against Boston's high payroll, superstars, and experience.

I am picking Boston in Six.

The Red Sox just have the edge in pitching, and they have home field advantage (Boston is sure formidable). Even though the Rockies have a lineup that I think may be comparable with Boston's, I am worried about the Rockies' pitching and how their youngsters will hold in such an environment. I think it's critical that Colorado win a game at Fenway and then move it back to Colorado. If they can't do that, they'll have a mountain to climb.

Much has been made of the time off that the Rockies have had; however, I don't think it's that big of a deal.

Then again, I have been completely wrong on my playoff predicitions, so anything can happen.

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