Thursday, October 4, 2007

Quick Hits: O's Stuff, the Playoffs, Cal/TBS, the Mets, and A-ROD

Well, hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday, the baseball postseason is in full swing, but I'm still blogging about the O's, even after their crazy 2007.

I have been pretty much filling the shoes of Mike Boehm for now, and elaborating on some of the stuff I have posted on this blog on Oriole Magic, so hope on over there if you want take a look at some more Orioles coverage.


The Baltimore Examiner has spent this past week trying to get the pulse on Oriole fans and how the team is shaping up for 2008.

In the past week, the Orioles sent right-handed pitcher Rob Bell and catchers J.R. House and Gustavo Molina to Triple-A Norfolk Wednesday, removing the trio from the club’s 40-man roster.

Sean Welsh of the Examiner gathered some input from fans at a recent game what O's fans feel about the team, this season, and what could be done to improve things. As we know, pitching will be a big issue - especially building up the bullpen for next season, and plans are being drawn up to improve things.

Both Sean Welsh and Matt Palmer argue about who should be the MVP of the Orioles -- Nick Markakis or Erik Bedard? Personally, I say Markakis.


Some & Playoff Stuffage & Random Thoughts...

Jeff Francis held the uprising Phillies team in check, and the Colorado Rockies jumped on youngster Cole Hamels to beat the Philadelphia Phillies 4-2 in Game 1 of their NL playoff series Wednesday.

Out west, Brandon Webb shut down Chicago in a brilliant postseason debut, and the Diamondbacks got two homers on Wednesday night for a 3-1 victory.

Josh Beckett tends to be very good in the post-season. He pitched a shutout Wednesday night, aided by a two-run homer from Big Papi, David Ortiz that helped the Boston Red Sox beat the Los Angeles Angels 4-0 in Beantown.


It is just me, or I do find TBS's Baseball Postseason coverage a tad inadequate? Well, watching some of the action yesterday, their production seems to be lacking considering they covered the Atlanta Braves since time began. As well, the in-game and pre-game shows seem to be disjointed.

I love Cal Ripken and the "Big Hurt" Frank Thomas, but the show seems to be going through the motions. It lacks excitement and something that would interest me. Unlike TNT's NBA production which is first rate and the hosts can be flamboyant, show off who they are, and trumpet themselves a little, they seem to be struggling with baseball.

I don't know if it the personalities, or that Cal comes off stiff a little, or Thomas keeps looking down, and the pauses, but there's something missing. The shows are not very exciting, but do offer a lot of insight which be can beneficial.

Ray Frager of the Baltimore Sun thinks Cal is witty, funny, etc. -- fine and well (I am a Baltimore guy, so it's heresy to say anything bad); however, he needs to be a little more loose and show off a little more of his personality.

But Cal is dead on with his analysis.

Honestly, ESPN has the best baseball coverage -- they mix fun, analysis, never seem to miss a beat, and is well produced. FOX's baseball productions are Hollywoodish, but they add way too much into the game, and they seem to try way too hard to engage fans.

TBS baseball programs are very underwhelming, and hope over time their national coverage improves.
Jocketty Out As Cardinals' GM: In what has to very surprising news; according to the AP, Walt Jocketty is out after 13 seasons as general manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, one year after the team won the World Series for the first time since 1982.

In a sport that is all about, "what have you done for me lately", the situation with Jocketty may be a reflection the statement.

There has has been talk of dissension in the organization between he and other staff, but considering the success of the franchise, there's probably a lot to the story we don't know.

Well, is Tony LaRussa out the door too?


The Mets...

The Collapse. I love this image, but yet feel ever so sorry for the fellow...

Sorry, Mets fans. Unbelievable. With the 8-1 loss to Florida, and the Phillies win against Washington - Philadelphia is in while New York is out...

You have got to hear the podcast, "The Hits Keep Coming" and hear two New York Mets fans go off on their team. Yours truly has his say, and it's quite a riot...


Finally; A-ROD...

Will he not be the most watched athlete in America tonight in Primetime? Stay tuned folks, his lofty numbers will go to nothing if he has a repeat performance of '06...

Oh yeah, thanks to those who emailed me about this A-Rod Image. Everyone seems to love it and him; eh, for now....

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