Saturday, October 20, 2007

Joe Torre; Fun Stuff and Commericals from Youtube...

I did something unusual today -- I took off blogging for much of Saturday. I went out and enjoyed the day, ran some errands, and spent a lot of the day talking to family and special people in my life.

Well, there was not any baseball last night; however, the huge talk of sporting world was Joe Torre turning down a one year contract from the New York Yankees to manage. As we all know, the role of the Yankees in the whole situation has been almost universally condemned in the media, blogs and on television.

People may argue that Torre definitely had a dearth of talent with his World Series winning teams and his 12 straight playoff appearances; however, he became extremely adept at handling the New York media and importantly, George Steinbrenner.

In the end, managers are hired to be fired; alas, Joe Torre because of he want through has joined a special pantheon of sports icons whose success, but more telling, their influence on the game and the respect of their peers is unparalleled.


I may not be a Minnesota Twins' fan; however, they make some of the more ingenious commercials out there promoting their team. The spot above features Johan Santana being split in half, and Michael Cuddyer and Juan Rincon as magicians who seemingly have no clue as to what to do.

The "Mouth of the North", Curt Schilling appears in a nice little Dunkin Donuts commercial and tries to speak like a Bostonian, but does not do too well.

A spot from the Seattle Mariners featuring Raul Ibanez and Ichiro Suzuki.

A spot from the Phillies, you'll have to watch - I'm not going to describe it. If you're a man over 35 or so, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Well, some stuff in the past need to stay there -- like this spot. This spot features guys from the Washington Redskins and Baltimore Orioles singing and dancing to an original song about McDonald's breakfast sandwiches. Yikes.

Finally, we all have probably seen this, but here's a spot from Pepsi that features Joe Mauer and Johnny Damon. Good stuff.

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