Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Rockies Ticket Buying Experience; Futile...

Timestamps EST...

5:03pm - No tickets for me.

I'm in Maryland, but I really feel for anyone in Colorado or who is a die-hard Rockies fan who could not get lucky.

World Series tickets for all three games at Coors Field sold out in less than three hours today.
The Rockies announced about 2:45 that all 54,000 tickets were gone.

Some lucky fans emerged with tickets after a slow start at noon today, but most people walked away from their computers frustrated and empty-handed.

"We know many people will be disappointed, and we do feel for them," spokesman Jay Alves said in a news conference.

The Rockies blame an "external and malicious" attack for Monday's ticket sales crash. The club said its Web site dealt with more than 8.5 million hits in 90 minutes, and only 500 tickets were sold.

Denver police and FBI officials said today they have received no complaint or request for investigation regarding the alleged cyber hacking.

"No formal complaint has been filed," said Denver FBI Special Agent Rene Vonder Haar, adding that her agency had yet to receive any information regarding a cyber-attack.

The sale today was slow. But the tickets, which went on sale at noon, finally sold out before 3 p.m.

Anyone who was crazy like me and tried, let me know. If you were successful congrats!


3:55 - I'm about 1700 miles away from Denver, and things are looking bleak for those who want tickets to the World Series out there...

According to the Denver Post:

Tickets to the World Series games in Denver are close to selling out, the Colorado Rockies report.

The only seats left are for the possible Monday game, the third home game.

Rockies spokesman Jay Alves told reporters at Coors Field that sales had increased to about 1,500 per minute, and he anticipated a sell-out for all three games.

"Not everyone who wants to get a ticket is going to get a ticket today," he said. "It's just not possible."

The first attempt to sell tickets was stymied Monday by a "malicious, external attack" on the ticket sales system. The Rockies website took 8.5 million hits in a 90-minute period that began at 10 a.m. Monday and proved too much for the system to handle.

Sigh, it's been bad. I have heard of few people getting through. Were people better off just standing in line? If I were a consumer, I'd be upset; however, life is not fair.

I'm going to look online later and check out third-party, broker prices online...

For those who got tickets in Boston or Denver, congrats! Have an awesome time...

If it's any consolation -- since I have tried for Game 5 tickets, my computer has not lost the connection to the network....


2:30 -

Ok, I am at work and I’m on the Colorado Rockies site hoping to buy tickets to the World Series. Not to say that I’ll go, but if I do, I will.

Anyhow, this whole process is fruitless. I have been dropped from their website 3 times already due to network problems.

Anyone else trying? How is it going? Well, anyone have any luck so far?

This was a completely stupid idea on part of the Rockies organization....


Anonymous said...

I saw your comments on the Rockies forum. I've been in the queue for over 3 hours. It still isn't showing the "sold out" message.

Your blog doesn't have any "time stamps" to give a timeline of events.

When did you first log in for tickets? What time did you get the "sold out" message?

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Edited it -- I have times when I logged into the site, and logged off. Give it a minute or two, but that's what I got from the logs...

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

About the Sold Out message -- I checked the Denver Post/Rocky Mountain news and as soon as they said it was sold out, I just logged off and gave up.

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