Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Idiot File: Isiah Thomas, Why Does He Still Have a Job With the Knicks?

I followed the New York Knicks when I was younger, and for the past few seasons, they have been unwatchable to me under the tutelage of Isiah Thomas.

After this week, what do the Dolans seei n him and why the hell is he still employed by the team?

He's cost the franchise and MSG $11 million and totally screwed the good name of the Knicks.

I wish I could f**k up and still retain my job. He's got the Dolans maybe under a spell, or he's that good. This is crazy, he's a sh*t coach, and now he's cost you millions.

Could they not have settled this out of court?

he's ever so focused on his team...

should he be fired -- um, yes!

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