Monday, October 15, 2007

Quick Hits: Terry Crowley Retained as O's Hitting Coach; More Stuffage...

Well, there's even more news that has come about on the Orioles coaching front, and this may be highly controversial to some fans, but the Baltimore Sun has announced that hitting coach Terry Crowley will be retained by the team.

In light of the team's offensive woes and record, it was surprise to some, including myself that Crowley was able to stay employed. I figured he might have been a victim of the recent staffing purge; however, as time went along, it was pretty obvious that he might have received a reprieve.

From the Sun: As expected, the Orioles are holding onto longtime hitting coach Terry Crowley for 2008, while they move aggressively toward filling their recently created pitching-coach vacancy.

Orioles manager Dave Trembley confirmed Crowley would be returning for his 10th consecutive season as Orioles hitting coach. Crowley is the only member of the current staff who was with the big league team at the beginning of 2006.

"I think Crow brings stability to the coaching staff. He's well-liked by the players and his work ethic is exceptional," Trembley said. "I have talked to Crow, and he is committed to supporting our philosophy and our approach to teaching and preparation. And I think that's very important as we start to identify our particular style."

I thought he was a goner, and should've been; however, only the people above know now why. If Leo was canned, he should be out the door as well. But, at this moment, I think Trembely is looking at a best-fit approach as well as cleaning house, so it looked like at close view that Crowley was going to stay regardless.

The numbers don't lie -- the Orioles need to get in gear on the offensive front.


Roch Kubatko has more on the developments on Terry Crowley and other topics in his blog.

Oriole fans from all walks of life came en masse to celebrate the life of "Wild" Bill Hagy at the Sports Legends Museum on Friday. For the most part, I was way too young to remember him, but in light of it, it is great that he's been remembered so fondly. He was the epitome of a fan, and to be honored by many is a good thing.

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Does Crowley have pictures on
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