Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Millar, & Quick Hits...

Well, I greatly underestimated how upset people are at the whole thing. Again, I am not going to get emotional about Kevin Millar being a cheerleader for the Red Sox during the Baltimore Orioles offseason; however, both he and the Orioles might overlooked how the whole situation would look in the eyes of fans.

I have had readers leave a few comments, and email me about either agreeing with, or some cases, vehemently disagreeing with me.

It's fine, I love discourse. I think this whole affair says a lot about what the fanbase feels towards the team, and as well how the Orioles look in the eyes of many fans.

Simply, the last ten years, the 4th place finishes, the lack of starpower and the Orioles being looked upon as national joke came to a head this week. Now, if Kevin Millar, let's say played for the Houston Astros, no one here would care, and I don't think the Houston fan base would be up in arms.

However, he did with the Orioles and insulted a good portion of Baltimore, a city where a huge portion of the football crowd still harbors a lot of ill will towards the Irsay family for jettisoning the Colts out of the city (which is more than justified.)

In the end, perhaps the Orioles can learn from this and perhaps rebuild the bridge between the team and the fans. I don't know what the future will hold for Millar, but his stature among fans from what I have seen and read online has taken a big hit.

(Hear what Millar had to say on the Dan Patrick Show... Link)

Matt Palmer in a column on the Examiner's website basically thinks Millar went against the fans with his actions in Boston, and perhaps should be traded. I don't know if I so much agree with that; however, I do think the Orioles sorely need an upgrade over Kevin Millar, just for the fact I'd prefer a younger guy with a better bat at first base.

As well, ExamiNation, on the Baltimore Examiner website has a poll and a place where you can leave comments. Considering the amount of debate that has been expounded on the boards, blogs, and websites, this issue has touched at the nerve of Baltimore sports fans.

Bill Ordine thinks the reaction says a lot about the state of baseball in Baltimore.

Check out what Camden Chat, Orioles Hangout, and the other various forums online have to say about Millar...


Meanwhile, Roch Kubatko in his blog spreads some good news for change, this time from the Arizona Fall League where some of the Orioles prospects are playing.

The Spencer Fordin looks at a myriad of topics in his latest mailbag including signing our good young players (Bedard, etc.) to long term deals, the starting pitching, Barry Bonds and Nick Markakis.

Press Box's Craig Heist interviews Leo Mazzone about losing his job and along with his time in Baltimore, as well as gets in a few words with new pitching coach, Rick Kranitz.

Stan Charles opines that things are not as bad as it may seem with the Orioles in terms of drawing talent and personnel -- personally, I beg to differ, as the numbers don't lie. However, he does make several great points in his article and it is very much worth reading.

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Anonymous said...

The uproar is mainly internet created, otherwise it would be a blip. People who felt one way the day after have been influenced by the masses posting on message boards & blogs [just like I am right now]. Stephen Colbert says "if you post something in enough places it makes it true" and the younger O's fans have taken it to heart. Ten years w/o a playoff berth really isn't that long a time once you're over 40.

Millar was NOT cheering on the Red Sox -- even my 6 year old could tell he was "making fun of Red Sox fans". It also showed that none of the RS veterans can calm the insane RS fan base. I live with them, believe me they're nuts.

Saying to the fans "remember how we came back? Well, what's your problem? It's been done. Quit your bitching, you have a great team so get off the Tobin & support them" is NOT supporting anyone, maybe assisting the suicide hotline, but there was not one word supporting the PLAYERS. Sometimes people get so emotional they don't hear/think what they thought they heard/ thought.

No one seems to care about the "loser" Orioles until this week, suddenly look at the passion that has awakened!! Will this rekindle attendance? (doubt it) Isn't that part of the reason they brought Millar in in the 1st place? Remember Mazzone's tatoo?

Besides, Millar is so this week. Rudy G. wearing a Red Sox jersey cheering on the Red Sox -- now that's a scandal of mass proportions!

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