Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Running Barry Bonds Under the Bus...

In an article in the New York Daily news, the alleged former mistress of Barry Bonds, Kimberly Bell gives an expose about life with the home run king.

It's not good.

Tabloidish, sordid and detailed, the interview chronicles her days with Bonds. Of course, she was promoting an upcoming pictorial in Playboy and probably got paid well, thus the reason for spilling the beans.

About his drug use and MLB's reaction:

"I don't see how anyone could not have known, but everybody looked the other way," said Bell, who claims the slugger admitted using the juice to her in 1999. "He surrounds himself with yes people. I don't think he ever considered where this would lead, and as long as he was selling tickets, the Giants were going to cater to him.

Um, about Barry in the Sack:

Bell catered to Bonds, too: She tells Playboy he was no All-Star in the bedroom. "When you're dealing with somebody who's that selfish, with that kind of ego, you learn to exaggerate your reactions to make him feel better," she said, or as the skin mag put it, she faked it.

Their sex life really slumped, however, when Bonds started taking steroids, driven by jealousy after Mark McGwire began receiving piles of press for his pursuit of Roger Maris' single-season home run record. Bell told Playboy that Bonds suffered from sexual dysfunction, one side effect of steroid use. He tried Viagra several times but didn't like it because it affected his vision and stuffed up his nose.

About how the Drugs Affected Bonds:

Bonds was always moody - "I always figured he had PMS, like a woman," Bell said – but the drugs radically changed his behavior as well as his body. He became a different person, controlling, threatening and finally violent.

"It went from 'I want to know where you are at' to 'I'm gonna f------ kill you. I'm gonna cut your head off and leave you in a ditch.'"

All righty then...

We all know Bonds is a jerk, but what does it say about her?


manny being manny said...

When that mag wants to promote someone for their benefit, they can work some magic, huh? Last picture I saw of her she came off as someone I would look twice at.

Enter Hugh and the magic begins...

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

LOL. Well, yeah -- I agree. Scandal sells, and being the mistress has it's benefits.

However, I see her as being a little creepy and taking full advantage of her position...

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