Monday, October 15, 2007

Looking Back; The AL West - Predictions and Reflections

Throughout the off-season, I'm going to take a look at what I have said during the course of season and some predictions I made before play started in 2007.

Well, I am going to start off with the American League West.

First, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim:

What I said: "If the Angels pitching and their offense come together, then they could possibly win the AL West and find themselves in the playoffs. Southern California has two potential playoff contenders in the Angels and the Dodgers, and in the end, the Halos led by Guerrero, Lackey, Weaver, and company could make 2007 a year to remember in that part of the region."
Prediction: Dead On.

Second, the Seattle Mariners:
What I said: "The Mariners play in a competitive American League West and it may be hard for the team to move up in 2007 in light of the additions made. The team has made a number of changes to attempt to get more competitive, but it looks like the Mariners may remain where they are unless the pitching rotation steps up and additions to the offense perform like they have in the past. Considering this is Ichiro’s walk year, it’s vital that the team make strides to move up the AL West standings.

The Mariners may be a few players away from seriously contending in 2007, but the young core that they have give the team hope for the future."
Prediction: I never expected the Mariners to do so well this season. The offense carried them and the pitching performed far better than I thought (in some instances); however, the weaknesses came through in the last quarter of the season and they wilted. In light of it all, they were a complete shock to me. They still need better pitching and Sexton needs to hit more than his weight, but fans of the team should be pleased with the effort.

Third, the Oakland Athletics:
What I said: In the end, the A’s should once again be counted as contenders for both the American League West and the pennant; however, but the team must avoid injuries and get better production from the offense. The pitching, even with Zito leaving for the National League should be among the league’s best and will be perhaps what gets Oakland into the playoff. The main competition for the American League West will be the Angels, but in a stacked American League, it may become a dog fight in the end for a playoff spot American League supremacy with the crowded talented AL Central and East.
Prediction: I did not expect them to be that bad this season, but with injuries to key guys and a lack of offense, they were doomed.

Last, But Not Least; The Texas Rangers:

"In the end, the Rangers may not have enough to win the AL West, but the team has a core of young and established veterans that could make an impact in ’07. A lot of the success that the team will have this upcoming season will depend on their pitching and if the weaker parts of the offense from ‘06 picking up the slack.

Also, the other storyline that America will be watching is Sammy Sosa, and whether he can reclaim his glory, or he if he’s done."

Prediction: Close, and almost accurate. Teixiera got traded, but the Rangers got a lot of young talent and they helped to contribute from the get go.


Later on this week: The AL Central

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