Friday, October 12, 2007

Playoff Reflections, Day Ten; Diamondbacks vs. Rockies, Red Sox vs. Indians...

Well, good morning to everyone. It looks like fall has finally arrived in this part of the world, as it is now freezing out. I’m happy that it doesn’t feel like Miami out anymore; however, the change from summer to fall happened way too quickly.

Anyhow, the two teams no one would ever be in the NLCS, the Diamondbacks and the Rockies, played last night in the desert.

Colorado continued its onslaught and defeated the Diamondbacks, 5-1. Basically, in case you have may not noticed, the Rockies only have lost one game within the last month.

They jumped on Diamondbacks ace, Brandon Webb and they did it not with the long ball, but with singles, putting the ball in play and simple execution.

Long story short, the Rockies put on a clinic on how to play winning baseball last night.

The Diamondbacks had their chances, but didn’t make the most of it and the play that was indicative of that came in the seventh inning when Justin Upton tried to break up the double play slid into Kaz Matsui hard and almost like a lineman trying to roll-up the quarterback.

Upton, no doubt interfered in the play, and instead of they only getting one out, or perhaps the Rockies missing both second and first when attempting to make the double play, Colorado got the double play anyway due the umpire calling interference.

Then things got wild.

The Diamondback fans, who were widely criticized in the press for not supporting their team, went berserk with booing the Rockies and the umps (who were right) and decided to protest by throwing water bottles into the field and garbage. They chased the Rockies off the field for a few moments, and had another opportunity to score; however, it got wasted.

Jeff Francis won the game, and remained poised throughout the contest.

I think this series will still be close; however, the Rockies really impressed me last night and I would not be surprised if they end up in the World Series when all is said and done.

I expect this to be one of the better series I have seen in a while as both teams are evenly matched up.


Well, if postings are few and far between this weekend, I will be in Boston catching game two of the ALCS on Saturday night. I am debating whether to drive or take the train, but it should be a wonderful series to take in.

I have never been to playoff game in Fenway, so I am sure it will be nothing short of wild.

As for the series, I am picking the Sox in seven games. I surmise Cleveland will give them a run for their money, but Boston seems to just be too strong. However, if Sabathia and Carmona can win the first two games of the series, things will no doubt change.

I am sticking with my prediction for now.

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