Monday, October 15, 2007

Looks Like Don Imus Will Be Back at Work

Well, I guess when people say America like a person who gets a second chance, they mean it.

According to the Drudge Report and several outlets, it looks like shock-jock, Don Imus will be returning to the air-waves. Lest we forget, Don Imus briefly was unable to continue his profitable and controversial career on the air thanks to demeaning the Rutgers' women's basketball team earlier in the year.

Of course, my thoughts of Don Imus was probably one of the more opinionated and heated posts I have ever written on this or any blog.

From the Drudge Report: In a dramatic and dazzling career rebound, controversial radio host Don Imus has secured a deal returning him to the airwaves on December 3 -- this time on the nation's most listened to talk station, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned!

"Imus In The Morning" will make a high-impact resurrection on WABC in New York City, top sources reveal.

"We'll have him on a standard 40-second delay," a studio source explains. "Don is rested, humbled, and ready for war!"

Specific terms of the deal will not be released, but the host, who was fired by CBS and MSNBC after making disparaging comments about the Rutgers women's basketball team, has inked a eight-figure, multiyear contract with WABC parent company, CITADEL BROADCASTING.

There are worse things to worry about it in the world, but his hiring just comes to show you that money and the Benjamins triumphs over any decency.

Well, I like I said, America is the home of second chances, I guess Imus deserves one too, right?

Then again, if I ever said any of what did back in April, I'd still be on the unemployment line; alas, I don't make my company millions of dollars.

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