Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Idiot File: Marion Jones; Pleads Guilty to Drug Use..

Well, in life, things are never as they seem. It is now the case with Marion Jones.

The one time golden girl of the Olympic Games and one time American-sweetheart-success-perfect physqiue-athletic genius story wrapped into a nice little marketing package has admitted to taking steroids.

Is anyone suprised?

From the Washington Post: "Track star Marion Jones has acknowledged using steroids as she prepared for the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney and plans to plead guilty tomorrow in New York to two counts of lying to federal agents about her drug use and an unrelated financial matter, according to a letter Jones sent to close family and friends.

Jones, who won five medals at the Sydney Olympics, said she took the steroid known as "the clear" for two years beginning in 1999, according to the letter, which was read to The Washington Post by a person who had been given a copy. A person familiar with Jones's legal situation who requested anonymity confirmed the relevant facts that were described in the letter.

Jones said her former coach, Trevor Graham, gave her the substance, telling her it was the nutritional supplement flaxseed oil and saying she should take it by putting two drops under her tongue. Graham, contacted by telephone today, said he had no comment.

Jones's admissions could cost her the three gold and two bronze medals she won in Sydney. In December 2004, the International Olympic Committee opened an investigation into allegations surrounding performance-enhancing drug use by Jones, once considered the greatest female athlete in the world."

In the past, Jones has vehemently denied using steroids or any performance-enhancing drugs.

Sigh. She got paid, made millions, earned fortune and fame, plus smiled her face into the hearts of many Americans. She blames her coach, blah, blah, bu**shit.

Ms. Jones knew she did it.

A sham, a shame. She's only one of many, just that she got caught.


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