Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The NLCS: Absymal TV Numbers

Well, no one is watching the NLCS. How sad.

According to the Washington Post, The Colorado Rockies' sweep of the Arizona Diamondbacks will go down as the series most of America missed.

This year's National League Championship Series recorded the lowest television ratings in LCS history as late start times and small-market clubs failed to capture viewer interest.

The four games on TBS drew an average rating of about 3.0, including a new record-low of 2.2 for Friday night's Game 2, according to Nielsen Media Research. The previous record-low for an LCS game was 4.9. Each ratings point equals about 1.1 million households.

The NLCS ratings were a disappointment for TBS, which became the first cable network to air an LCS series after striking a deal with baseball last year to show the NLCS and all of the league's division series games.

The low ratings likely will be blamed at least in part to start times that were less-than-ideal for viewers on the populated East Coast. Major League Baseball and TBS, in an effort to accommodate Rockies and Diamondbacks fans in the West, scheduled Games 2 and 4 to start after 10 p.m. ET. Games 2 and 4 ended well after 1 a.m. for fans in the Eastern time zone.

The ALCS matchup between the Cleveland Indians and Boston Red Sox on Fox has aired at 7 p.m. or 8 p.m. ET and has seen a 5.7 household rating overall, a 10 percent ratings increase over last year.

"People like to watch TV in the evening," MLB spokesman Pat Courtney said. "We thought these games would be more desirable in the 7 to 8 o'clock window local time. We like to schedule games when the most people are available to watch them."

Courtney acknowledged the NLCS' low ratings and said baseball routinely has conversations with its broadcast partners about possible changes.

Well, the answer is simple. There was no marquee team in the NLCS, and unless you were and Rockies or Diamondbacks fan from the onset, no one outside of the areas really cared except for the truly hardcore fan. The World Series may be the same way if Boston does not make it in.

I can see why TBS and MLB did what they did; however, good portion of the nation didn't get to see the games and missing a compelling storyline and a good team.

Hopefully down the road, the arrangement can be worked out somehow.

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