Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Reds Fans Do Not Like Dusty Baker; Thoughts and Opinions...

I saw this title from Babes Love Baseball and the title fit so well that I’m going to use it – “Marge Schott Rolls Over in Her Grave”.

Well, as noted yesterday, Dusty Baker got hired as manager for the Cincinnati Reds, taking over for interim manager Pete Mackanin was not retained, although he did have a winning record with the team in his time as its leader.

This would have never happened a generation ago.

It looks like Reds fans are not happy with the decision at all. If you take a look at some of the Reds forums, articles and blogs out there, fans are disgusted with the hire and some are willing to forego going to Reds’ games in the future.

Based on Baker’s resume, Cincinnati could have had a far worse hire.

Huh? Give this guy a chance to manage? I don’t want to scream out racism, but it would be sad if some close-minded people preferred someone who was white.

If he helps you win, fans won’t care if he’s green. Then again, if he loses in Cincinnati, there will be far other reasons you’ll hate him for because of his race.

And if some people do dislike him because he’s an African-American, where were you all when Marge Schott was praising Hitler? I’d hate to blame racism for some Reds fans reaction, but I being a minority in this country know it permeates pretty much every sub-section of this country – yes, including sports, which is more or less a great equalizer.

Meanwhile, Keith Law does not think he's a good fit for the Reds. I don't either, as I think he needs a ready-to-contend team, and one with veterans; alas, Cincinnati is not that. However, we shall see how it turns out.

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