Friday, October 12, 2007

Quick Hits: The Latest With the Orioles...

Not much has happened in Oriole-land as of late, perhaps because of the post-season; however, the team did have its organization meetings in Florida this week.

There was a big development from the events: Mike Flanagan did not show up to the meetings as his excuse was, get this:

"Andy and I discussed it, and I needed a little break," said Flanagan, who was bumped from the top baseball spot in the organization when MacPhail was hired in June. "He said he'd welcome me there, but I was being honest with him. I was a little worn out."


He added: "I haven't had three [consecutive] days off in five years."

Flanagan, a former Orioles pitcher and fan favorite whose contract expires next year, said he knew his absence might further fuel speculation he is on the way out of an organization he joined as club vice president in December 2002.

"That's exactly what I don't want to happen," Flanagan said. "It was not that way."


You’re bleeping third in command, and you need a series of days off for meetings that will possibly charter the course of the organization for years to come?

What a joke. Sorry, Mike, you are so gone and you know it. You may stay with the Orioles, but the writing is on the wall – you’re going to be replaced.

The excuse Flanagan gave is akin to when some celebrities say, “yeah, I called off some dates on the tour because of exhaustion”, when in fact they are probably in rehab or needed to see the shrink.


Rick Maese of the Sun knows what most Orioles fans have surmised – the team needs to rebuild, start over and stop fooling the fans that they are a couple of pieces away from contending.

Hank Peters, a former Oriole GM, has had some influence in the organization philosophies of a few teams in the playoffs. Peter Schmuck has more about it.

Spencer Fordin has some news on prospects in the organization who are playing in the Arizona Fall League, and as well (as Brit noted), he has a mailing on the website. Most of the questions center on the development of key players and building up the team for next year.

I’ll finish up my team grading next week, as I have to finish up the bullpen and the coaching staff.

Look for a year in review piece and a “Best of 2007” in the weeks to come.

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