Monday, November 26, 2007

Alex Rodriguez Will Be Even Richer; Torii Says Minnesota Won't Win...


Well, it looks like the rich will get richer down the road. Yesterday, the details of Alex Rodriguez's contract was divulged and this much will be certain -- he will be a supremely wealthy man when all is said and done.

Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees have agreed on a $30 million marketing package based on home-run achievements that could raise the total value of his new contract to $305 million over 10 years.

Under the agreement, which remains to be finalized, Rodriguez could receive $6 million each for tying the home-run levels of Willie Mays (660), Babe Ruth (714), Hank Aaron (755) and Barry Bonds (762), and an additional $6 million for breaking Bonds' major league record.

The Yankees could designate each level as a historic event, enabling Rodriguez to receive the added money in exchange for additional personal appearances and signed memorabilia for the club. That enabled the agreement to be allowed by the players' association and the commissioner's office. Baseball generally prohibits bonuses based on statistics such as home runs.

Despite not being universally liked by Yankee fans, fans in general and the media; alas, the Yankees are hoping that the cash registers ring when Rodriguez hits some important baseball milestones.

In light of the way he opted out, perhaps he did win in the end as they not only will come to a deal but will reward him.



Well, as we all know Torii Hunter signed with the Los Angeles Angels last week. Right now he seems to be more than happy joining the organization, as they are a perennial contender, and more importantly, they gave him the contract he wanted.

Right now, that's more than he can say for Minnesota.

Here's what he said to the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune: Torii Hunter said he wouldn't have returned to the Twins even if the money was there because he doesn't believe they can compete with the more talented teams in the division.

As for his decision to sign with the Angels he said: "It was like a 24-hour decision. I could not leave Anaheim -- that's a nice place, a nice ballpark, they play the game right, they've got a chance to win every year. Because Arte Moreno is that type of owner, he wants to win."

Had the Twins' three-year offer for $45 million been five years for $75 million, he might have considered it, Hunter said, but on the other hand, he wanted to play with a winner. He said he doesn't think the Twins are going to have the talent to win in the future.

"Sometimes you're going to ask for a raise or whatever. And it just so happened that in major league baseball the market is up, it's way up." he said. "So, I was going to get what I was going to get. I just wanted to make sure that I was with a team that wants to win, that's going to try to win day in and day out. Whatever pieces to the puzzle that they need, they were going to go out and get it. I just didn't feel the Twins were that ballclub."

With Hunter gone, and Johan Santana possibly leaving the organization, the Twins may be set to rebuild and have to consider life without two of their most bankable stars.

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