Sunday, November 18, 2007

Scott Boras = Scum of the Earth?

I took the title of this post from one of the topics that Jason of My Baseball Bias and I bandied about for our internet radio show, the Hits Keep Coming.

Seriously, this guy has not had a good week at all, with A-Rod sidestepping him with negotiations by chatting with billionaire (and a far better businessman than he), Warren Buffett, and Boras was let go by Kenny Rogers.

Alas, it comes to the question, is Scott Boras scum?

As an agent, his job is to procure the best deal for his clients. If you look down the roster of those who he serves, it's a literal who's who of baseball.

He's been known as a tough negotiator who tries to get the best contract for his clients, aka "market value" and more often than not, teams are handcuffed by his demands and the commodities they need to win.

Hell, he could probably sell a suspecting fool beach front property in Nebraska.

Has he ruined baseball?

Well, a poster left this message for me the other day on the Oriole Post: "They should all fire Bor-ass. He has done more harm to the game of baseball than just about any scandal or any steroid use; perhaps, if he wouldn't be pushing salaries higher and higher players wouldn't try to enhance themselves as much(steroids)to get that A-Rod payday.No player(it is a game isn't it)is worth 25 million a year.Not one.I can't even afford to take my kids to the games anymore. Every year the price goes up and now we even have to pay to watch them on TV. What a sad world we live in."

I responded to the poster and let him know that I didn't disagree with him and sky-rocketing salaries are passed along eventually to the fans, and that's why I think Boras is bad for the game.

As the salaries of the everyday player keep rising, and the episode with A-Rod begins to die off, one has to ask themselves is having an over-aggressive agent such as he is bad for the game, or is he good for his clients?

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