Friday, November 2, 2007

Is Alex Rodriguez Really WORTH $350 Million?

As each day goes along, Alex Rodriguez is becoming further disliked not only amongst baseball fans, but many of those who follow sports in general. If opting of his contract and wanting oodles of money was not enough for you, get a load of this:

From ESPN's Buster Olney: Before Alex Rodriguez opted out of his contract with the Yankees earlier this week, the team was told that it would not be able to meet with the third baseman unless it presented an offer of at least $350 million, sources say.

The Yankees had hoped to meet with Rodriguez this week, and would have presented him with an extension offer close to five years and $150 million, to begin at the conclusion of his 2008-2010 contract, through which he would have earned $81 million. Through the Yankees' proposal, then, Rodriguez would have made about $230 million over eight years, and during the last five years of the contract, sources say, he would have earned the highest annual salary in Major League Baseball history.

But team executives were told, sources say, that in order to arrange a meeting with Rodriguez, they would have to be prepared to make an extension offer that would take the third baseman's deal up to a total value of $350 million. That means that the offer the Yankees intended to propose would have been more than $100 million short.

Ok, you are f**king kidding me. Like I said previously, NO PLAYER is worth that much money. I don't care if it is A-Rod, or whomever, if I were a GM, I would spend that money and sign 3-4 players and hope 2 of them pan out in the long run.

Sorry, I hope he goes unsigned and that teams use some fiscal restraint when it comes to this man...



des said...

If ever collusion was justifed, this is the case.

manny being manny said...

It will be a sad day for baseball when some owner pays him, because as much as we would prefer not, he will be bought.

Aside from that, the worst part might be that we'll have to listen to this speculation until at least the new year. No way Boras makes a decision--I mean, A-Rod makes a decision before then.

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