Thursday, November 15, 2007

A-Rod Close to Re-Signing With The New York Yankees...


According to ESPN, "Alex Rodriguez has agreed to outlined details of a $275 million deal that will keep him in pinstripes for the next 10 years, and allows him to earn millions more if he sets the career HR mark with N.Y."

Well, I would not say I was surprised; however few teams could pay the price tag he wanted, and considering everything, New York is the best place he could have signed with and achieved what he wanted -- money, prestige and fame.

He did it all without Scott Boras, who many in sports think of as the "scum of the earth"...

A-Rod could build back his status amongst baseball fans, but it took a severe hit with his antics during the World Series and opting out of his contract considering the value of it as is.

Those who are Yankee fans could care less about A-Rod, he resigned with the team; however, outside of New York, he's a pariah.

New York needed him to only not fill in the new ballpark opening up in 2009, but also hopefully (granted he does not injured) a plethora of offensive records, mainly the all-time home run record; alas, to keep him from the Red Sox.

It's a perfect text-book marriage of sports, money and desperation...

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