Monday, November 12, 2007

Photos and Reflections of Nationals’ Park, Under Construction in Washington, D.C.

This weekend, I decided to drive to the location of the new ball park in Washington and take a stroll around to see how the ballpark development was coming along with my own eyes. I know that the Nats320 blog has done a lot of reports with the new ballpark, and in addition has been able to secure interviews with people responsible for the ballpark development and planning.

That particular blog has done wonderful work in chronicling the ball park, as well as JD Land that has been following the development since day one.

Since my trips into Washington seem to few and far between these days, I wanted to see how things were coming along with my own eyes. I have been impressed with the work done so far, along with how they have been able to build up the ballpark in an efficient manner. The structure looks magnificent so far; however, I am reminded walking past the new stadium that it reminds me more of the Verizon Center or a government building, rather than what I associated with today's stadiums.

Alas, the Nationals want to be different and break away from the designs that you all see in the retro-ballparks.

I took pictures along the perimeter and didn't venture inside at all. While there's a lot still to do, the seats are in place, the grass is on the field, the press box is built, & pretty much the ballpark is nearing completion. Walking along the outside, it's amazing to see how open it is and also how expansive the park is to the eye.

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