Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Mitchell Investigation; An Active Player Helping Out?

According to Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated, an active player is coming on board to help out with the investigation — voluntarily.

Twenty months into his investigation of steroid use in Major League Baseball, former Sen. George Mitchell for the first time has obtained voluntary cooperation from an active player.

According to a source familiar with the investigation, the player, whom the source did not name, volunteered to speak with Mitchell in the coming weeks, ending the wall of silence Mitchell had encountered in trying to get active players to cooperate without the leverage of subpoena power.

The source described the player as one of several players Mitchell wanted to question because of their previous public comments opposing steroid use, not because the player was connected to any steroid use of his own. The source said the interview with the player was scheduled to take place “very soon.”

This is very interesting, and you have got wonder what would compel someone to do this, when it is taboo to do so. I know the player is doing a great thing for the game and to the fans; however, you have got to what would happen if the person’s name was released.

I know some players are perturbed by whole steroid stench, but considering the strength of the players’ union, the unique situation of the locker room and the money involved, it’s little wonder why more are not taking a stronger stand against it.

In the end, though; do we really care?

I see this whole witch hunt as posturing by Major League Baseball. Until the powers that be in the sport institute Olympic style testing (not that there are not ways around it), everything will always come into question...

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