Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Female's View on Huff

I was just talking to Maryland Orioles Fan - he shot me a quick email from the west coast, and asked how I felt about the entire Aubrey Huff situation, from a female's perspective.

I originally said I needed to wrap my mind around it, but that's not completely true. I needed to figure out how to say what's going on in my mind, and turn it into a coherent post.

As a female, baseball fan aside, I'm disgusted. Utterly disgusted. His remarks and actions were completely inappropriate and he really should have used some ounce of common sense. I don't care that he's a ball player and not a politician - any public figure in a large or small market should know that their remarks will get back to the city they represent. There is no excuse for what he said or did - drunk or with friends or a joke or whatever his next excuse is. When there are cameras around, sooner or later, the incriminating evidence will be leaked.

And what about his wife? Did Aubrey not get married during the 2006 off season? How does he explain his actions to his wife? And if I were Mrs. Huff - he'd be in the doghouse big time.

As a die-hard Orioles fan, who usually likes to turn a blind eye to all controversy - I was heartbroken and infuriated. There was no ignoring this one, and I couldn't laugh it off as "Huff being Huff," like I did with the Millar incident. I truely did find the Millar drama funny, and it didn't bother me one bit that he went up to Boston for the World Series.

I've read the transcripts, and I've watched the video clip - and a strong warning is needed: it is NOT safe for work, young children or the weak stomached - and could not believe my eyes or ears. There were times I had to scroll away from the video and just listen, it disgusted me that much. His comments in the background about the adult star, the slurring of his words - this is not a positive reflection on Baltimore and its Baseball team, or on Huff as a person.

At this point, I want a real apology from him - not one of those "I'll apologize if I offended someone, but don't really mean it," type things. I want a "I'm truely sorry for my actions on the "Bubba the Love Sponge" radio show...etc." type apology. Heck, I'll even be willing to write it for him. If that's what it takes to begin getting back in the good graces of this town, I'm willing to help.

I'll still support any player that dons an Orioles uniform, but Aubrey, you're making this very hard.



Heathir said...

As female fan, I have to say I agree completely, B. You've said everything perfectly.


Beatlefnatic said...

Heathir -

Thanks for the support!


the wayward o said...

If you are disgusted by Aubrey, are you disgusted by the other 90 percent of MLB players who do same stuff? Just curious.

Beatlefnatic said...

wayward o -

That's a good question. And my answer would depend on if it was made public like Aubrey's escapade was.

It's hard to really say, because I haven't come across other players with this situation, and this extreme (ie - the adult star doing body art, etc). I don't know how I would rate my disgust, but I'd sure be disappointed in the other players.

This is one of the reasons why I usually try to ignore the controversies - it brings me no pleasure, and I find I can't watch the game the same way.

Hope this somewhat answers your question.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Wayward, I think this far worse as there is videotape evidence to go along with the words - not good.

I don't care what Huff does in his free time; however, when it is in the public domain, it's very hard to turn a blind eye to it.

Anonymous said...

This post is very well written... you made a good point but it is still good to know that there are still a few faithful fans out there (like me) that support our team. We need to stick's going to be a long winter.

Beatlefnatic said...

anon -

Thanks for the compliment. I plan on bleeding black and orange til the day I die - so I will always support the O's. Aubrey Huff is making it hard, but I'll be sticking to being a proud O's fan.


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