Sunday, November 25, 2007

Quick Hits: The State of the Orioles, Andy MacPhail and the Roundup...

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday out there and are enjoying the last remnants of the long Thanksgiving weekend.

Well, as of right now, much has not happened on the Hot Stove front with the Orioles at all. Understandably, that has some fans concerned and for a deal to be consummated quickly. However, we have a little less than three months until spring training, the organization should make a move sooner rather than later, and then rebuilding process will start to begin.

Keep in mind, I am going fathom that things are being held up mainly because of Florida's situation with Miguel Cabrera & Columnist Peter Schmuck of the Sun goes into it further in detail in his latest article. As well, I think some teams are waiting for the market to play itself out and as well pondering where a lot of big free agents (Rowand, et. al) and trade bait (Santana) end up.

This week, I and B have looked at some of the chatter involving Miguel Tejada and Erik Bedard. For most, it is a foregone conclusion that Tejada will be an another uniform when the season begins, and the jury is still out on Erik Bedard.

Another very good reason for lack of activity -- or the perception of it is Andy MacPhail himself. It's not to say that he isn't doing anything, you just don't hear a whole lot from him. Well, in the past, he's built respectable, contending teams, so I am thinking he's just not releasing all his cards yet, keeping it within his inner circle and not releasing the details of any potential moves or deals.

At this point, I am just putting my full trust in him, as nothing else has worked the past decade.

I am sure a deal will be made one way or the other by the new year.

Heck, Roch Kubatko wants something done with the team, & Tony's Take wonders if the Orioles will go after Barry Bonds...

Spencer Fordin of the has a piece on the charity and community work that the team has done in 2007.

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