Saturday, November 3, 2007

Random Thoughts: Culture Change and The Birds; Quick Hits...

As the season has ended, and we are now into November, this portion of the year is when all the ‘hot stove” and free agent talk begins. Right now, from the looks of things, the Orioles are officially into the rebuilding phase.

Over the past few weeks, the turnover has been absolutely amazing, and all the activity right now is pointing to not only rebuilding, but a complete makeover and culture change. There has already been sweeping change with the number of coaches and members of the front office staff have been let go or have decided to pursue opportunities with other organizations.

This week, Sam Snider and Rudy Arias were let go, probably as further indication that Trembley is cleaning house as well as MacPhail.

Listening to various talk shows and doing some light reading, the Orioles are expected to not delve into the free agent market, but rather improve the team by trades.

Thus, the next week will be very important as the Orioles head to sunny Orlando, Florida for the general manager meetings.

What happens? Who stays who goes? At this point, everyone is probably going to be dangled and Baltimore may serve as sellers. I think all the players are on the market, with the exception of maybe Nick Markakis, Jeremy Guthrie and Adam Loewen, based on their ages, time with the organization and contract status.

I expect Miguel Tejada to be a goner in a deal, and guys like Jay Payton, Aubrey Huff will be dangled.

We shall see. It’s pretty obvious now that it will not be business as usual when the Orioles head to Florida in February.

Fans, now we are into year eleven of trying to rebuild the Orioles and it maybe a few more years before Baltimore contend in the AL East – assuming the organization does things right and has a little bit of luck thrown in.


Baltimore Sun columnist Peter Schmuck believes that the Orioles should go through a complete rebuilding effort; meanwhile, blogger Roch Kubatko ponders about the changes and if fans will be willing to stick around.

The doctor who prescribed Jay Gibbons with his drugs has been scheduled to two years in prison; alas, I have news on an old friend – Steve Trachsel’s option was not picked up by the Cubs.

Former Orioles pitching coach, Mark Wiley was hired to take the place of Rick Kranitz, the current Orioles’ pitching coach, in Florida. Mark Wiley was there in 2005.


Oriolesfan said...

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manny being manny said...

What do you gather they'll do with Bedard? He's still fairly young, and if they have confidence that he can stay healthy and consistent for a few years, he'd be worth re-signing.

Of course, ideally I'd rather him out of the AL East (along with Kazmir), but I can't help but want to Orioles to be successful. They have a young team that is just a few players away, maybe improve the bullpen, get a number 3 behind Bedard/Guthrie, and get an impact bat to replace the eventual trade of Tejada for young talent, and they'll be competing with the Sox youth in the next few years, kicking New York to the curb.

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