Monday, November 19, 2007

The Huff Lynch Mob...

There's not much going on in Oriole land, and it looks like the Huff episode has died off in the eyes of the media; however, keep in mind, this whole thing could not have happened 20 years ago.

Yes, I and millions of others kept this whole thing alive. Well, thanks to the Internet (or as George Bush says 'internets' and Al Gore 'invented it'), Aubrey Huff will now live in infamy at least amongst us hardcore Oriole fans.

Childs Walker in the Sun a few days ago took a look at Huff's words and actions thanks to WNST & the work of the popular Deadspin.

Basically, because of the internet , its influence and the groundswell of people who scour it daily, the story blew up and basically mad him public enemy number one.

Instead of just appearing on his buddy's talk show and trying to forget about it, Huff has now had to issue apologies and mea culpas to the fans base via the Baltimore Sun and sports talk radio.

In the end, Huff will hear it from fans once baseball begins in 2008, and it may not be pretty.


I must have been blind (actually, I just have not gone to the MASN website in a while); however, they have revamped the entire thing and now have a few of their staff composing blogs and articles.

Talk show host Anita Marks has her thoughts on Huff via her blog on the MASN Sports website. Well, I heard some of it and I didn't think it was the greatest thing I heard, and I didn't learn anything new. I wish she could have been a little more aggressive in her interview rather than trying to make him comfortable, but she needing to have players and whomever else come on her show, she had to do what she had to do. Maybe she didn't find it a big deal unlike the rest of the Baltimore fanbase...

Allen McCallum of PressBox Online believes that the antics of a few of the Orioles players (Millar, Huff, Gibbons, etc...) have made fans lukewarm to the organization.

As the 2008 Orioles schedule was just released, Matt Perl of MASN thinks the Orioles are destined for a good April despite their talent level in comparison to their counterparts in the AL East. They do play some weak opponents in the first month, and maybe it will instill confidence in the squad if they can put something together.

Camden Chat takes a look at the latest and greatest in Major League Baseball; the Roar from 34 keeps the memory of 'Wild Bill alive; Ben of Oriole Central ponders the free agent market and what the team will do; Inside the Warehouse has a look at the prospects within the organization; the Wayward Oriole ponders who is worse, Barry Bonds or Pete Rose?; Rob of Random Reality Thoughts looks at Erik Bedard's situation with the Baltimore Orioles...

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