Friday, November 2, 2007

Bonds Angry: Will Not Go Into the Hall of Fame If His 756th Home Run Ball Has An Asterisk...


Well, the All-time homerun king is back in the news, and it is not for a good reason.

Yesteday, Barry Bonds would boycott Cooperstown if the Hall of Fame displays his record-breaking home run ball with an asterisk. That includes skipping his potential induction ceremony.

I posted a link to the video of he appearing on MSNBC's "Countdown" last night, and I believe he's right to an extent; however, the ball is a piece of history and has a story that should be told and the asterisk on it is very important.

Granted, I think it is offensive someone who would deface such an important sports artifact, but it was sold and the owner has the right to do with the ball in which he sees fit. I think the drug component is also a huge part of the story, but there is not *definitive* proof that Barry Bonds ever did anything.

In the end, I find it offensive and wish the ball not marked; alas, the situation at hand is the situation at hand.

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