Friday, November 23, 2007

The Bedard Rumors, Part Two

B, who has been a tremendous help on the blog and who has a great tab on the Orioles wrote a post on Bedard earlier this week and the interest he’s had on the open market.

The Orioles are right now trying to determine what to do with Erik as he’s a valuable piece not only on the field, but as potential trade bait. The latest rumor being thrown out there is that Dodgers are looking at getting him; however, they are preoccupied with a way to get the Marlins’ Miguel Cabrera via trade.

With Baltimore on the verge of a potential and lengthy rebuilding process, perhaps the best thing to do would be to trade Bedard considering the value he could get in return.

This evening, I read a interesting piece on Press Box’s column, the “Oriole Insider” and Craig Heist has a Q&A with Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal and one of the questions center around Erik.

Here’s what Rosenthal opined: “... I think the only way to really gauge that interest is to make him an offer. Now, if I were Erik Bedard, I would not accept any offer right now, because two years from now when he becomes a free agent, the money could be totally outrageous as opposed to just normally outrageous. So, to me, if you are the Orioles, you kind of gauge his interest, see where he is, perhaps make him an offer, and then based on the response I think you have to at least consider the idea of trading him because of the limited free agent market, the great demand for starting pitching.

You don’t have to do this today. You could do it at the deadline next year. But his value will be higher today, and if he gets injured some time in the near future, you would be trading him at his peak. For all those reasons, I think it is a smart idea, and it would yield the maximum return, much more than Tejada or anybody else. You see what has happened with Tejada. They held onto him too long, and he will bring a minimum return.

There are several reasons I can think why we should keep Bedard and why the organization should not keep him.

First & foremost, left-handed pitching is hard to find – especially, good left-handed pitching. His numbers do show that he's one of the best hurlers in the game right despite his experience.

However, he's never really been healthy for a full season, he’s 28, and furthermore there are questions about his attitude, work ethic and desire to be an Oriole.

Let’s not forget -- he's still under our control for two more seasons, thus, we *don't* have to trade him. With Bedard, the O's have the upper hand -- they still have him for 2 years under their control. The team does not necessarily have to trade him; however, if he does not show a willingness to stay in Baltimore, he should be dealt.

Since it is shown that Baltimore is clearly rebuilding, do we keep him around in the hopes we get good or somehow have a miracle 2008, or do you trade him when his value his high (like now)?

It remains to be seen, but if the Orioles are truly rebuilding, I'd dangle him and see what it is out there. Well, I do think right now the Dodgers will give up one premier prospect for him, plus maybe one or two of their lower level guys. I’d only trade him if I could get a major-league ready guy, plus additional pieces.

If the team keeps him and for some reason he gets injured, or his numbers for reason end up worse than they were in 2007, the Orioles would have perhaps blown a precious opportunity to go in another direction.

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