Saturday, November 24, 2007

Open Thread: Black Friday, Consumerism and Psychotic People in the Stores & On the Road...

Ah, Black Friday. The crazy, faux holiday devoted to a shopping day setup by the retailers and their parent corporations to bring people into the stores and spend money for stuff they may or may not need.

Yes, and the media feeds it.

There is nothing in the world that would make me ever wait out in the cold to save a few bucks, much less run into some psychos out there.

Ah, the joy of waiting outside after Thanksgiving just to shop - oh joy.

I, in my right mind would never participate in it, but my sister did and she said people were crazy.

I mean, normally rational, polite in public and sensible people go all buckwild for stuff and in some instances put their safety at risk.

The thing that is tad disturbing is that the retailers lure people with "doorbusters", ridiculously priced items to get people in the door. Of course, they have "limited quantities" of the cheap stuff, so unless you had been in line since Wednesday, you're not getting anything unless you are just beyond aggressive.

Thank God for the internet. People, you know technology has made life a l0t more simple these days...

That being said, I'd love to hear people's experiences - good or bad. Anyhow, here are a littany of videos I found on Youtube from yesterday.

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