Sunday, November 11, 2007

Aubrey Huff and His Comments on Baltimore...

Take a read at Roch Kubatko's article in the Sun today about Aubrey Huff and his comments Friday on Baltimore and it's nightlife.

Huff's appraisal came after the discussion turned to nightlife in the Tampa, Fla., area, and how much Huff indulged in it while he was single and playing for the Devil Rays.

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"If anybody's heard their show, or Howard Stern's show, it's a shock jock show, so everything's flying," Huff said yesterday. "You've got four guys in there, including me, and we're talking about all sorts of stuff, including bars and restaurants, and how the two cities are different. I said Baltimore was horses - - for that. After games, places are closed down. There's no place to go."

While Huff tries to explain his comments and rationale, he comes off as a tad immature and has a frat boy mentality. It may be all right to be that way amongst your buddies, it's not smart when you represent a professional sports franchise.

Even MacPhail had his say: "I would say that if this was an effort at humor, it failed and was in poor taste," MacPhail said. "It would be difficult to see how anyone would approve of it."

I agree with Andy. Being a "guy" is one thing, slamming a part of a region where you work is another. Still, I wonder what goes through the mind of the guys -- I don't have any affinity for athletes as roles models, but there are still kids, parents and fans who find these guys to be their heroes and someone to emulate.

Sometimes professional athletes need to think about what they do.

If you want more insight on the debate, check out the thread on Orioles Hangout...

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