Friday, November 9, 2007

The Huff Speaketh, Quick Hits...

Well, it looks like another Oriole might have pissed off the fanbase in town. Yesterday, Aubrey Huff was on the "Bubba, the Love Sponge" show or Sirius radio and had the first baseman as a guest on his show.

He and Bubba talked about various topics, and when the topic came to Baltimore and and perhaps it's nightlife, he said when asked about it:

"Haha, no, Baltimore is a horsesh*t town."

I heard some of this on the Anita Marks show and the Orioles Hangout has more on the appearance by Huff, and it made it seem like he was insulting the city.

Now, I don't know whether he was talking about the city in general or the after hours life; alas, he might have caused a tiny uproar.

I have no idea what he said, and if anyone knows verbatim, let me know.

If he was talking about the nightlife; it's water under the bridge, but he was slamming the city not withstanding the amount of money he is being paid, he should be booed anytime he comes to the plate at home in 2008.


Andy MacPhail came out the winter meetings without a deal made; however, it looks like the ground work has been laid. Again, it is early in the off-season and I think a deal or deals will be made by spring training. It looks like a lot more teams are being extremely cautious as to what they do and there is a reluctance in general to trade young players unless absolutely necessary.

Rick Maese has his thoughts on Cal Ripken's trip to the Far East and opines that he's definitely got a lot of options open.

The Baltimore Examiner ponders about 2008; eh, it's not good.

The site has an 2007 Minor League Review up on the site..

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