Friday, November 23, 2007

The Impact of the Torii Hunter Deal; An Overstocked Outfield and Miguel Tejada


With the signing of Torii Hunter by the Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim, they finally have the protection that was sorely needed in the middle of the order for their slugger, Vladmir Guerrero.

Now that Hunter is in center field, Los Angeles now has a loaded outfield with Gary Matthews, Guerrero, Garrett Anderson, outstanding youngster Reggie Willits, and Gary Matthews, Jr.

However, what happens with all the players they have accumulated?

I say one of them gets traded --- perhaps Willits. Alas, this is where the Orioles come in.

As I mentioned a few day ago in a post, the Angels have targeted Miguel Tejada as part of potential solution to the left side of the infield for the past two seasons. With the trade of Orlando Cabrera earlier this week, it looks Los Angeles is setting itself up for a trade to get Marlins’ slugger Miguel Cabrera, or perhaps get Tejada as a second option.

That being said, if the Angels do go after Tejada, who do the Orioles go after?

With players such as Brandon Wood, Ervin Santana, Joe Saunders and younger talent in their system, Baltimore may be well served to trade Tejada.

However, there may be another player now part of the puzzle – Reggie Willits.

Although Willilts is not the big slugger that we all want and lust over, he’s an incredibly resourceful and talented ballplayer who batted .293 in his rookie year and was an on-base machine in 2007. In addition to his solid numbers, he stole 27 bases and would make an excellent spark plug in the order.

Well, he’s young and right now, real cheap; alas, he’s what the Orioles need, some young, good, plays hard, and isn’t afraid to get dirty.

The downside to having Willits is that obvious he’s not the sexy player fans want as he only slugged .346, and didn’t hit any home runs.

I don’t know is he’s the first player I’d choose from the Angels in a trade as there are more players with upside, such as Wood, Santana, Saunders and other young talent; however, Willits could be a serviceable player who would be part if the organization for a long time and for the most part, he looks like he could be a reliable piece of the rebuilding puzzle.

I would obviously include Willits as part of a package, providing we get sold pieces in return whether it is a pitcher, or a good bat.


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